Physical Symptoms that You Need Help with Addiction

Does it feel like you’re addicted, but you aren’t sure if that’s the case? Has it felt like something that you used to do “just to feel better” has kind of taken over your life, yet you aren’t sure? If so, you’re like so many other people. The truth is that there are many different symptoms of a decision. Some of the clearest ones to pick up on are the physical symptoms. These are the ones that do more than just threaten your social life- they threaten your very health. These are just a few to watch for.

Your Tolerance Has Become Positively Intolerant

When you started drinking or using drugs, didn’t it feel like you could feel great quickly? Like, you’d just have a drink or two, or maybe just use a bit of drug, and then, bam – you felt fantastic? But, over time, did that change? Did it seem like you needed more and more just to feel that good? That means your tolerance has increased. As it has, of course, so too has your dependency, if you’re like most people. This can be one of the clearest signs there is.

The Cravings Have an Unbelievably Intensity

Perhaps the other biggest sign is that your cravings never ever go away. They’re always there, in the back of your mind (although, for many people, they’re probably in the forefront of their mind). It’s important to note that an “intense craving” isn’t a feeling of “I’d really like to have that right now.” Rather, it’s a true obsession. A feeling that you’ll do anything, ignore anything and do what is necessary just to get the substance. If you’re feeling that, if you’ve acted on that, then you’re probably addicted. That said, there is help.

Withdrawal Has Kicked in – But There’s Help

Another very clear sign is that you might have tried to quit or even stop and felt nigh-overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. You may have tried to stop using for a day or even a week or something and yet you were wracked with serious, legitimate pain and problems. That’s withdrawal. It’s just one of the many parts of addiction we can help you with at our facility. We know how difficult all of this can be, as members of our staff have been where you are right now.

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